Innovative hip hop newcomers are swarming the industry like bees to honey and we're not complaining. It feels like the industry is going through a total makeover where constraints, like genre lines, no longer exist and kids are getting shot at the spotlight regardless of circumstance (Thanks, Soundcloud). One of the many rising rap names is a collective called Brockhampton-- they like to call themselves the "boy band" of hip hop.



soundcloud Like NoName and 6lack, Brockhampton defied the historical connotations of being a rapper -- meaning it's not all about booties and money on their new album, Saturation II. In the age of Trump, they muse about LGBTQ issues and challenge a lengthy list of stereotypes. "Sweet" is the second single off the record and we know why they picked it to introduce the compilation. It has a baseline that swells, a barbed synth, and another sound that reminds us of the wind instrument played to charm snakes. They bounce between singing and spitting with thought-provoking yet catchy lines like, "In a pack but I feel all alone / I'm scatterbrained, man / Better offer the clone."

It's relevant and powerful, but the song still manages to have its fun. Do yourself a favor and listen to not only "Sweet," but the entire album. And once you fall in love rest easy knowing they've already confirmed there will be a Saturation III.