Spending most of his career in the shadows of other musicians, Wynne finally steps out on his own to create his very original debut release called “Distraction.” Sit down with We Are: The Guard and take a bite into something smooth and refreshing. You deserve it.



soundcloud It has been a long time coming for Wynne, who spent most of his professional career writing for the likes of Two Door Cinema Club, as well as playing instrumental backup for Eliot Sumner and The Wanted. Perhaps his most influential work came in the form of ODESZA's “Line of Sight,” where his vocals contributed to several million streams. Finally, his long-awaited debut single off his first ever EP release is an euphoric body of work called “Distraction.”

“Distraction” integrates his musical skills of singing, songwriting, and producing to create a minimalist track with very little wasted rhythms and beats that is consistent from start to finish. With not too much buildup or a daring climax, it is the very definition of chill electronic music, not deviating much during its three-minute duration. Polished off with vocals that can only be described as haunting and mysterious, he employs a heavy dose of falsetto and the faintest of echoes that almost frames a surreal atmosphere. It is as if the listener is placed into a misty stroll in their own subconscious. Just when  you finally seem to understand it, “Distraction” seemingly dissolves into thin air. Luckily, you can simply hit the repeat and bask in its essence all over again.