Lorde might have the single most remixable voice in music. There’s just something about that pop-friendly, yet endearingly haunted little New Zealander that gives producers all of the necessary imaginative pieces to craft a killer remix. Between Flume and Diplo’s both equally stellar but incredibly different remixes of “Tennis Courts” and Ryan Hemsworth’s minimal bubbly beat experiment on “Ribs,” I’d half expected to see dozens (or hundreds) more artists jumping on the Lorde remix train. 

Well, all aboard. This year we’ve seen some official remixes (those early ones were all ‘unofficial’ though Flume did go on to produce some of the album) from the indisputable queen of Down Under. With Chromeo’s funkified version of “Green Light” and now Peking Duk’s pitch-perfect future bass version of “Perfect Places” we’ve got that magic coming through in a major way. Lorde, already a friend to EDM, is about to get a brand new makeover for all those ravers who need their music with a little more oomph on the dance floor. Now finally the kids will feel something real!



Peking Duk haven’t remixed a song in four years, which is ironic considering the boys blew up on a bootleg remix of Passion Pit. Stay true to your roots!! But now we see them coming out of the remix woodwork with their future trap version of their fellow Oceania compatriot, Lorde, and damn does it deliver. Peking Duk slap their special brand of melancholic future bass trap love wobble on Lorde’s already amazing track to give us one of the hottest songs of the summer. 

spotify Peking Duk doesn’t even need the exposure. Come on. These Aussies and their original songs have been blowing up faster than an ant under a magnifying glass. Guess it can’t hurt to have a little help in skyrocketing you into the stratosphere, though. Lorde’s always good for that. Look what she did for Flume. Soon Peking Duo will be an impossible ticket to get, headlining festivals and venues they would have never dared imagine.

Dare to dream boys, you deserve it.

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