For the first week of March Madness, We Are: The Guard takes a listen at “Blood Type,” the newest track from Brooklyn-based indie artist Cautious Clay.



For those who often wonder about quitting their day job to pursue their dreams and interest, Joshua Karpeh, a Brooklyn resident, is someone who ended up actually following through. Nearly a year prior, Karpeh worked as a leasing agent marketer in the Big Apple before finally planting himself into a world of uncertainty and probably the lack of proper health insurance. This fear didn't stop him from building upon his career in music, adopting the pseudonym of Cautious Clay, a name that is becoming all too ironic based on his current circumstances and the leap of faith he took.

“Blood Type” is the title number off his extended-play, and already exhibits his soulful vocals planted within an adult-contemporary musical setting. Together, it doesn't sound like a typical soul nor R&B track, but a nice helping of cross-genre comfort food. There are theatrics, and it does sound like something you would hear on a pop-rock station. Luckily, this means that Cautious Clay won't be lumped into certain radio stations because there is something for everybody in his music.

Listening to “Blood Type,” it is understandable that he is already garnering interests from multiple record label ...yet, Cautious Clay is playing the business aspect of music very close to his chest, not currently looking for a large payday, but rather trying to field offers while staying true to his process.

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