Terrible news, everyone. My fantasy football team lost its first game of the season and I’ve been miserable since Sunday night. The only remedy? Having music on repeat that matches my downtrodden mood -- and thankfully, LA-based artist Koda sensed my sorrow and re-released one of his older songs this past week. “Leviathan” is a beautiful gloom-and-doom track that makes a haunted melody sound mesmerizing, and soothes a deep underlying heartache I didn’t realize I had. Listen below.



Koda pulls all the stops in “Leviathan” and channels Thom Yorke’s vocals from “Exit Music (for a Film).” The result is a magnetic, harrowing track with an eerie Radiohead impression to boot. Quiet, poignant acoustics coupled with dark lyrics makes “Leviathan” a good song to pair with a full moon and a long, empty road.

youtubeAtmospheric and gripping, Koda’s clearly got a talent for cinematic music. Did you hear those strings lightly kissing the track? Koda’s lyrics might be the standout though. “All my friends are dying to get out / Every one of us is alone….” Without a doubt, Leviathan is a bleak tune, but the composition that Koda has formed here is so beautiful that I don’t mind. Play this when you’re feeling moody and don’t want to answer anyone’s text messages. “Leviathan” is the recipe for a perfect sad song to cry and doze off to.

Koda released a four-song EP earlier this year. Additionally, you can listen to more of Koda’s enthralling music on his Soundcloud.