LovelytheBand tries to become the newest breakout band with their pop-charged single called "Broken." We Are: The Guard catches up with the debut entry right after its drop.



youtubeConsisting of Mitchy Collins, Jordan Greenwald, and Kosta Theodosis, LovelytheBand is a newly-minted alternative rock ensemble born out of Los Angeles. In a landscape filled with kitschy pop rock, the trio fits right into fold, exuding influences from Grouplove and MGMT. In "Broken," there is a glimpse of relationships and how important it is to fill the loneliness inside each of us. The tone is lofty, combining an incandescent instrumental that beams as much light as the encouragement glowing from this track. Honestly, the topic of friendship and the word “lonely” gets tossed around so much in this song, they should have called this one Lonely, instead. It hammers home the point that in this hyperconnected world, one good friend can be the most important and most difficult thing to find.

Surely, there is room for LovelytheBand to flourish in the oversaturated pop rock market. Only time will tell if they can free themselves from the pack. At the very least, "Broken" sounds much better than Collins's haircut. If life is truly like the broken pieces they mention, then hopefully LovelytheBand will wedge their way into the emptiness of your summer playlist.