The first month of 2018 is almost over, but the musical fun at We Are: The Guard is just beginning. For your consideration this week is the aptly-named number by Plya called “Adrenaline.”



Surely, the name Plya might seem like a typo of the word “play,” but actually it is pronounced as it sounds and is based on the Spanish word for beach, “playa.” The vocals are provided by Julia Sykes, a worldly-traveler who finally found a place worthy to expand her career, the United Kingdom. Flanking Sykes are guitarist Kris Taylor and the drum styling of William Brown. Together, Plya provides a surreal electronic pop sound that has already landed the lead singer the Women Make Music grant provided by the PRS Foundation.

“Adrenaline” is a self-explanatory name and perhaps the defining release from this rookie ensemble. Infectious and filled with electricity, there is no dull moment in this 3-plus minute electro-pop number. Populated by a sound that seemingly reflects the best of domestic electronica and some resonance of Euro influence, think a little bit of MNDR with a dash of Lykke Li for good measure. Hopefully. “Adrenaline” will be the very beginning of a special career. 

Plya is currently looking for a permanent record label.