Tucked within the fine print of numerous music festival posters in the last couple months is the moniker of a particularly enchanting UK artist. SHELLS’ pop songs often sound quiet and contained at their start, but the sound blossoms on its own. Take “Jailbird,” for instance, an organic and intricate tune that sounds like a fitting end-of-summer anthem. Just because August is nearly over doesn’t mean the fun has to stop over here at We Are: The Guard, right? Listen to “Jailbird” below.



soundcloud Think along the lines of fusing the simplicity of Lorde’s vocals and the twinkling electropop melodies of The Postal Service. SHELLS’ voice is an uphill trek; it’s small and tender in the verses but blooms inside the palm of your hand by the chorus. Every little sound in “Jailbird” gives the track personality, and the song’s multi-layered construction makes it a quirky, shimmering pop ballad.

But what exactly is a jailbird? SHELLS’ song betrays any image you’d initially attach to the term. I mean, I don’t think we’ll be seeing her in an orange jumpsuit anytime soon. According to SHELLS, the meaning is right in the lyrics; being trapped like a convict in an unworthy relationship. So for her sake, kudos to breaking out. “Jailbird” serves its purpose as a fun song to use for escape.

“Jailbird” is a track off of SHELLS’ most recent EP, which is available for listening on her Soundcloud. Check out her other songs, “Glow” and “Jagwar,” for some more glossed up tunes.