Only several days remain in 2017, as We Are: The Guard turn our attention to some of the best new tracks of the year including Riley Pearce's new single called “Misplaced.” 



youtube If you haven't heard of Riley Pearce before, here’s your chance to see one of the hottest things emerging from the land down under. The Perth-based indie musician though young in age, has already racked up a fair number of plays on Spotify, which has led to appearances on Qantas Airlines' featured playlist and on the Freeform show “Shadowhunters.”

Released several months ago, “Misplaced” is an inspired and atmospheric alternative rock song with folky undertones and a whole lot of emotion. Despite not quite as in-your-face as other alt-rock and adult contemporary, the grandeur and splendor of “Misplaced” cannot be understated. Pearce's vocals, switching back and forth from a solid low range to a tiny smattering of falsetto, are pseudo-Bon Iver, meaning it is capable of drawing out a listener's joy as well as despair. The voice doesn't seem to fit Pearce's baby face look, especially when he decided to shave off his hefty beard. Ending with echos that sound like a room of specters, “Misplaced” might be one of the pleasurable five minutes of your work week.