Ryd - Work It Out

I’m listening to RYD’s new single in the comfort of my room, decked out in some mismatched PJs and surrounded by pillows. Meanwhile, my significant other is in Vegas for a music festival. Am I jealous? Probably. Do I miss him? Oh hell yeah -- and it’s this gross ball of emotion that’s making London’s budding pop artist RYD sound like therapy to my ears. “Work It Out,” the single from the upcoming EP, is a mystical piece of dream pop that will smooth away all of your emotional toil. Listen below.



spotify If “Work it Out” were an aesthetic, it’d be a midnight lagoon skinny-dip doused in a pastel palette. Or, alternatively, the original Twin Peaks theme song…. doused in a pastel palette. Do you see what I’m saying? “Work it Out” is lush and relaxing AF. The vocals are bright, lively whispers over a chillwave vibe. RYD’s track is honestly reminiscent of a Perfume Genius b-side.

But it’s not so much the way it sounds. It’s about the way it makes you feel. And “Work it Out” contains such a profound charm that it washes away every bit of anxiety a person could have within a minute of its length. Now that’s cathartic. I don’t need to spend $220 a session on a therapist anymore! And I should probably stop texting my S.O. every half hour. Thanks for the help, RYD.

“Work it Out” is a single off RYD’s new EP, Now There’s Nowhere, which will be out next month. Keep an eye out!