I’m listening to RYD’s new single in the comfort of my room, decked out in some mismatched PJs and surrounded by pillows. Meanwhile, my significant other is in Vegas for a music festival. Am I jealous? Probably. Do I miss him? Oh hell yeah -- and it’s this gross ball of emotion that’s making London’s budding pop artist RYD sound like therapy to my ears. “Work It Out,” the single from the upcoming EP, is a mystical piece of dream pop that will smooth away all of your emotional toil. Listen below.



spotify If “Work it Out” were an aesthetic, it’d be a midnight lagoon skinny-dip doused in a pastel palette. Or, alternatively, the original Twin Peaks theme song…. doused in a pastel palette. Do you see what I’m saying? “Work it Out” is lush and relaxing AF. The vocals are bright, lively whispers over a chillwave vibe. RYD’s track is honestly reminiscent of a Perfume Genius b-side.

But it’s not so much the way it sounds. It’s about the way it makes you feel. And “Work it Out” contains such a profound charm that it washes away every bit of anxiety a person could have within a minute of its length. Now that’s cathartic. I don’t need to spend $220 a session on a therapist anymore! And I should probably stop texting my S.O. every half hour. Thanks for the help, RYD.

“Work it Out” is a single off RYD’s new EP, Now There’s Nowhere, which will be out next month. Keep an eye out!