Given that he’s a white dude combining elements of hip hop, punk, and emo into his music, comparisons to Twenty One Pilots are practically unavoidable. And any Caucasian-looking person who raps will inevitably be juxtaposed with Eminem, that’s just the law.

But 24 year old Morgan Parriott, better known as Call Me Karizma, has more in common with the likes of Why? and the Rhymesayers lineup than Slim Shady and Columbus’ most famous export (non-Guy Fieri edition). His newest single “Rebels” further cements this truth [citation needed].

Propelled forward by a funky bass riff you feel certain you’ve heard before but can’t quite place, “Rebels” is highly infectious from the jump. “Everything is burning and I love it/ Sit and watch the world until it's nothing,” Karizma proclaims in his sing-song rap, providing a thesis for the track. There’s so much chill in his flow that at times it seems like he’s almost sleep-rhyming.

Arriving just in time for summer, “Rebels” is an absurdly catchy and understated love letter to youth and that angsty teen feeling of not-fitting in that never fully leave you. It feels anthemic, cathartic, and vaguely hypnotic. Clocking in at a crisp 137 seconds, it’ll leave you wondering how this groovy jam is already over and smashing the repeat button.



It’s been a quiet 2019 so far for Parriott, as the artist took some time off to deal with his mental health and some, uh, we’ll say personal issues. The break seems to have greatly improved his outlook on life.

Late last month he released “Recycled Youth”, which combined with “Rebels” suggest even more new music is on the way.

Here’s to hoping we didn’t just jinx it.


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