It's the return of the repressed on "Angry Too" the newest single from LA's Lola Blanc!

American society is reluctant to acknowledge negative emotions. We're supposed to think positively all of the time. We're supposed to be proactive and productive no matter what. People have a tendency to recoil from darkness like a hot stove. This leaves us emotionally stunted, blind to what's really going on below the surface. Sometimes, these subterranean currents erupt and explode.

While everyone's behavior is policed in Western society, women have it particularly bad. They're supposed to smile, no matter what, or risk facing commentary and opinions from strangers and passers-bys. It'd be enough to make you want to explode, no matter who you are.

Los Angeles rising pop star Lola Blanc shows us that women are not all sugar and spice or, at the very least, that they might be mixed with nitroglycerine, blood, ash, and venom. Fear not, however, "Angry Too" is no industrial rock revival. It's more Marilyn Monroe than Marilyn Manson, thanks to Lola Blanc's Future Pop aesthetic.



"Angry Too" comes on with some plucky strings and some skittering, skeletal percussion. It brings to mind modern art pop like Lorde or Mica Levi but drawing upon a wider, more orchestral pallet. It elaborates upon Lola Blanc's distinctive "Circus Pop," transforming it into more of an Avant Club banger. If The Dresden Dolls were to score an A$AP Ferg music video in a haunted ballroom, it might sound a bit like “Angry Too”’s piano bonks and rickety strings.

"Anger is an energy," John Lydon taught us back in the '80s. And anger does not mean hatred or intolerance, either. Some things are worth getting pissed about it. Anger helps you to get out of bed, out the front door, and into the streets. It encourages you to do something rather than do nothing.

We Are: The Guard are so honored to help usher Lola Blanc's newest single into the world! Let it help you change your life in whatever way you see fit. 

You can listen to more Lola Blanc on Spotify.


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