Swedish artist STRØM is a man of mystery. Or at the very least he has yet to succumb to the assault on privacy the rest of us have willingly signed up for. But you don’t need a bio or to see pictures of what he ate for lunch in order to enjoy his cover of “Teenage Crime.” The lack of social media and available information on this artist in no way takes away from his tremendous musical offerings.

Here the Stockholm native takes what was originally a carefree and light dance hit and rams it through the dark pop gauntlet. The pulsing percussion that opens the song and runs throughout gives a work-like, industrial feel to the proceedings. Everything that comes after it feels labored and smothered. It’s like the track intrinsically knows what it originally was and is trying to get back to it but cannot break out of its current restraints. This tension is the key to what makes this cover work so well.

Although those unfamiliar with the original will find this song works just fine on its own.  



STRØM lists artists such as James Blake, Jai Paul, Oceaán, and SBTRKT as his influences. You can hear their imprints throughout this track, as well as in STRØM’s original works.

What you don’t necessarily hear are the stylings of fellow Swede Adrian Lux, whose work is being interpreted here.



The contrast between the two versions is extraordinary and I’m hard-pressed to decide which I like more. The original feels like the perfect anthem for a summer roadtrip or a huge night out. Whereas STRØM’s cover seems like the soundtrack for an otherworldly hangover following said night out. Glitter or gloom, the choice is yours.

STRØM belongs to a collective known as Icons Creating Evil Art. Besides his soundcloud page, this is his only social media presence or available intel. And ICEA doesn’t offer much information besides saying that they’re a boutique label that’s been fighting conservatism since 2015. And if that wasn’t enough vague generalities for ya, they also aim “to provoke, inspire, create, destroy, and disrupt old structures while having fun doing so.”

Sign me up. Or at the very least let me know when STRØM releases some new music or more covers.


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