“Never Gonna Say Goodbye,” from Swedish producer duo Tape Machines, is the romantic hit this summer needs!



So much of Pop Music - and music in general - is about saying the same thing, in different ways. Beethoven’s “Ode To Joy” is just G, D, and E minor, which is the same three chords that “Someone Like You” by Adele is built upon. Likewise, so much of Pop Music is either a way to say “I will always love you,” from Whitney Houston to The Beatles to Beyonce.

If you’re looking for this summer’s “Crazy In Love,” check out “Never Gonna Say Goodbye,” by Swedish producer duo Tape Machines, featuring a sultry guest vocal from Loidimo. Trancey, epic EDM pianos meet a thumping house club beat, all dipped in a crystal cocoon of reverb and echo, giving a huge, big room emotionality to this short electropop banger.

youtube“Never Gonna Say Goodbye” has the feeling of classic romantic ‘80s art pop, like Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, The Police, Sting, but polished for popular consumption. A thick creamy bassline will have you cruising like a hovercraft, with yr head ringing with Loimbino’s heartfelt entreaties.

Love will never fall out of fashion, no matter how cynical the world gets. There will always be a time and a place for undying devotion and, thus, there will always be a place for tracks like “Never Gonna Say Goodbye.” We here at We Are: The Guard remind you to hold on to what, and who, you cherish.

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