Some things are worth the wait. It took six years, a name change, and a change of coasts, but Waterbed (Formerly MVCLES) finally put out their debut album. And the “Glo-fi” is stronger than ever. FOREVER is fantastic electro pop. To go along with the brilliance of "Sweet n Sour," there are also gems like "Where U R." But really the entire thing is worth your time. And what are you really doing anyways?

Anyhow, we’re here today to talk about "Where U R," an incredibly catchy and soaring anthem that calls for you to bliss out, wherever you are. (Get it?)



Thoughts I had while listening to this song for the first time, listed chronologically:

1. This sounds like if Owl City was actually good and interesting
2. Actually it sounds like the lovechild of Grimes and Washed Out
3. I want to marry this song
4. Parts of it also remind me of Charli XCX, Dum Dum Girls, and Taken By Trees
5. This band is great

Crystal and Cat are currently living their best life in the Pacific Northwest and playing shows sporadically up there. Hopefully a full tour is in order soon.


pumped 2 b playing Seattle 2nite w @coastmodernmusic !!!! @crocodileseattle

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If you’re wondering what this song would sound like if it were twice as long, borrowed more from lo-fi than PC Pop, then travel back in time with me to listen to a demo that is just that.



Watching (hearing?) the evolution of this band has been awesome and I can’t wait to hear more of their music. Also, I’m glad my favorite track of 2012 is finally on a proper LP. FOREVER dropped last week. Stream it now before the whole system collapses on all them streaming services. Use multiple devices and double stream for full effect.


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