As December is finally upon us here at We Are: The Guard, people might be getting a little lazy waiting for the holiday break to come around, yet the musical releases are probably hot enough to melt the snow off your driveways. This next new single named “Blurr” is from the newly-minted Mild Joy.



soundcloud A collaboration between Greta Stanley and Tristen Barton yielded the electro-pop project out of Australia, Mild Joy. From Cairns, a modestly-populated city in Queensland, Stanley gets a much needed veteran presence with Barton that results in their debut track “Blurr.”

The electronic backdrop of “Blurr” is creatively sewn together with catchy synth rhythms that is reminiscent of Major Lazer, so it is not so surprising that one of their biggest musical influences is Diplo, a pivotal member of the famed trio. Similar to those Major Lazer tracks, it is only the most essential to have the presence of a strong vocal presence to drive the musical dialogue, which is solidly provided by Stanley. Her voice does have a bit of sultriness in it.

While it might not be the most groundbreaking new electro-pop track of the year, it does act as a great introduction into what Mild Joy is all about. I wish there was a little bit more of a distinguishing factor with their sound, but it doesn't seem to be tangible quite yet. A great mix that sounds invigorating and inviting, you will surely hear more out of this little Aussie duo in the near future.