Ali Lacey (aka Novo Amor), Welsh multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, sound designer, producer and whole goddamn package (seriously bring him home to Mom and Dad they’ll be impressed) teams up with English multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer Ed Tullett to form the whole package2 (sorry not sorry math nerds). This is the kind of musical superhero team up that we eventually find strange fan fiction forums dedicated to. Why? Because it’s such an inspired alliance of musical awesomeness that the whole world turns on. “When Ali and Ed met it was love at first studio session. The raw passion behind their talent couldn’t carry over into their personal lives. Or could it?”  See!

The duo have announced their full-length album Heiress, a collaborate journey through the pain of existence out November 10th via Believe/Allpoints. I literally can’t wait to hear the other tracks.



soundcloud Even though I’m giddy with excitement at hearing every single song on this album, "Silvery" is a feat in its own right. Piano stabs drive drum-less inspired drone, building in intensity to a peak right before marching band drums and a horn section kick in for a triumphant rise out of the ashes of our own darkness. You can bet your ass that these two are bound to be that new festival darling that all your terminally depressed friends feel a deep seated connection to. Truth is, you do too. And maybe the statement of “sad songs are nature’s onions” (Mr. Show S4E9) rings true for all of us. It’s sad music that reminds us all what it means to be alive and how good onions taste on a burger.

And this is a damn fine burger.

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