One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. The electronic producer known as whereisalex has released a new song he refers to as a “throwaway” that is making us want to jump out of our desk chairs and bounce off the walls. Haven’t heard of this star in the making? He is an experimenter While whereisalex is best known for remixing the greats—like Nas, Flume, and Kendrick Lamar—the new jam “problems” displays just how capable he is of standing (and conquering) all on his own.



He’s somehow found the perfect mix between live instrumentals, bent bass, and pounding percussion. Another facet that sounds fresh is whereisalex’s very own vocals, yelping as the drumming booms and repeating, “You don’t want no problems with me” on top of the assembly of sounds and once again before the static-like noise drops in.

Just like that static that sounds comparable to a bad cable connection on our beloved TVs, this static is tinged with a bit of pain too--it's the sign of “problems” end and those three minutes come to a screeching halt as abrupt as its beginning. It’s all so elastic, we feel like we need a seat belt before we listen to it again.

Alex uses this song to tease “what’s to come” from his in 2018. If this is the “throwaway” then we can’t even begin to imagine the hyphy musical goodness on the way.