Top 10 Indie Love Songs


BitCandy is determined to get laid. Consequently, we asked everybody over at Facebook to help us compile the best indie love songs that we can woo our special ones with this year! We had some brilliant responses and have given you all a big shout out below! Oh, and we have also thrown in some personal favorites for good measure. So whether you are a Nathan and a Bethany, a Win and a Regine, a Matt and a Kim, or a big, fat, sexually frustrated loner like us, we hope that you enjoy BitCandy's Top 10 Indie Love Songs!


Friends “I'm His Girl” (Selected by Rox Hildel)

Don't mess with Samantha Urbani! She's not just “any other chick.” She's his girl! She doesn't “wanna control” her boyf, but we think if he was to so much LOOK at another Brooklyn babe, she would smack him in the sack!

Love Lyric: "And he can feel good that he's my guy/Cause he knows he don't mean he's just mine/I don't wanna own him or control him/I just want our souls to be aligned."


The Flaming Lips “Do You Realize?”

Yes, we do realize that we have the most beautiful face. And yes, we do realize that everyone we know someday will die. Still, way to put a downer on our orgy, Wayne!

Love Lyric: "Do you realize/That everyone you know someday will die?/And instead of saying all of your goodbyes/Let them know you realize that life goes fast/It's hard to make the good things last."


The Lighthouse and the Whaler “Venice” (Selected by David Hopkins)

Oh...shit. Another emosh love song about kicking the bucket. We thought this was meant to be a happy blog post, already!

Love Lyric: “In your eyes, I have seen/All the feeling and the rains/And death is cold, death is sure/Why donÂ’t we all fall in love?”

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Chromatics “Kill for Love” (Selected by Tea Ross)

Okay, so, TIL: Indie love songs are seriously depressing! Oh look everybody, here's one about suicide!

Love Lyric: “I kept a bottle by the foot of the bed/I put a pillow right on top of my head/But I killed for love.”


The Rubens “Lay It Down” (Selected by Beca Arredondo)

Brilliant track, Beca! But is this really a love song? Or are The Rubens rather preoccupied with getting revenge on an ex? Dear whoever broke Sam Margin's heart: A shit storm approaches!

Love Lyric: "And so I said I would speak the truth/But I didn't think it would be to you/I guess I'm sorry I have to lay you down/But no one gets to push me around.”


Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Maps”

Who was the dude INSANE enough to split up with Karen O, you ask? Angus Andrew, front man of the “bargain basement Radiohead,” Liars. Bastard...

Love Lyric: “Made off/Don't stray/My kind's your kind/I'll stay the same.”


Last Dinosaurs “Honolulu” (Selected by Eric Sanchez)

Well, thank f*ck! Finally an indie love song on our list that does not allude to death, suicide or heartbreak! Thanks Eric!

Love Lyric: "Oh/I'll teach you what you need to know/Till the day that I finally go/My love will forever grow."


Interpol “The New” (Selected by Tea Ross)

Paul Banks sings about the fear of committing to a chick in “The New.” To which we say: if you like Helena Christensen you should put a ring on Helena Christensen.

Love Lyric: “Settling down takes time/One day we'll live together/And life will be better/I have it here, yeah, in my mind.”


Magnetic Fields “The Book of Love” (Selected by Thomas Cruz)

The finest indie love song from the finest indie love album, 69 Love Songs by The Magnetic Fields. Let's pretend that Peter Gabriel cover never happened...

Love Lyric: “The book of love has music in it/In fact, that's where music comes from/Some of it is just transcendental/Some of it is just really dumb, but/I love it when you sing to me.”


The Smiths “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out”

Finishing up with the first and foremost indie love song from Manchester's finest misanthropists! So it was Morrissey who stole Johnny Marr's bike! Portlandia in joke. Get involved.

Love Lyric: “And if a double-decker bus crashes into us/To die by your side Is such a heavenly way to die.”


Time for BitCandy where you can listen to free music to get jiggy with it! Let's do this, 2013! But if the worst comes to the worst, we can always pay one of the Haim sisters to pop our cherry. Moving swiftly along...

What are your favorite indie love songs? Let us know over at Facebook or comment below! Kisses!


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