There are women in music who have made an impact so huge that it’s helped pave the way for female indie artists of the present day. As a woman, you have to raise the bar to achieve success but more importantly to leave a mark in an industry where the opposite sex seems to dominate. This is a tribute to the women who are rocking the indie world with their voices and talent. We looked at the music charts and dove into playlists to highlight the best female indie artists. Below are the individuals who we are loving and their music.



The Norweigian indie songstress girl in red. had her breakthrough in the industry back in 2018 with bedroom up beat bop “girls.” In following her desire in wanting to “create something” … she set herself up, whether it was intentional or not, to create music that resonated with the young & free and queer. She openly loves women and loves being in love as her music shows.



True confession, we’ve loved Anna Of The North when it was a duo, but we really, really love Anna of The North as a solo project. We love the change and though she may have felt she was lost at one point without her other half, she bounced back with a fire. You can sense her freedom in her vocals, and R&B fits her well.



As far as voices go, Miya Folick has one that distinguishes itself from other ladies in indie. There’s a lot of cuteness about her. She’s raw, she’s dark, she’s peppy, and heavily reminds us of a young Björk. And let’s be honest- no one can rock short hair like she can.



I spoke about women needing to push the boundaries in music at the intro of this post, and Lykee Li is one of those women who chose to raise eyebrows and push some triggers when she decided to carry on with R&B influences in her music. “I feel like this is definitely a rebirth for me, and I finally feel like I’m a woman for the first time in my life.”



From love to political issues, the fraternal twins Naomi and Lisa have no reservations when it comes to making a stand in what they believe should be heard. They create music for those with an open mind, the risk takers, the creatives, and the ones wanting to make the world a better place. If you’re looking for depth, Ibeyi has got you covered.



If whispering vocals are your thing, then Emma Proulx offers you exactly that. Bedroom pop meets lo-fi in a dreamlike escape. This is what front woman Emma Proulx offers as part of the trio Men I Trust. Her voice is like intimacy without strings attached. She’s your pillow talk companion that soothes you to sleep. Though her vocals are soft, they are deep with layers.



MItski is the unattainable. We all want to be her, want to have her, and want to relate to her. She gets us. No she does not. She’s just like us. No she is not. More than music, Mitski is a statement. She belongs to no one, she writes for no one. She doesn’t perform for us … rather she allows us to enter her space, but only up to where she allows us. Long live Mitski.



Clairo’s a must on the list because of her genuine sound. We’re softies for realness and all things raw. It’s her refreshing voice and honest lyrics that cause Clairo to rise above the noise.



Caroline Polacheck captured our hearts as part of indie band Chairlift, and when the two went their separate ways our hearts dropped for a quick second. A brief time later, Polacheck returned as a solo artist. Correction- she returned as a pop visionary. She started experimenting with more of the pop realm and broadened herself into PC influences. And let’s not forget…. Polacheck is a force to be reckoned with as she writes, directs, choreographs, and kicks ass at everything.



Yes, we love Grimes. So much so we’ve been infatuated by her since 2011. I went into our vault and pulled this out in regards to Grimes: “Imagine a raw purity vocal (which can also be a little innocently annoying at times ala Joanne Newsom) meets an indie Enya...Grimes is the indie hook maker we've been waiting for. She's an original, challenging, sexy, pixie indie singer/songwriter that will surely turn every man's (and girl's) heart and ears.” Those words in 2012 still ring true today.

Now, this post would not be complete without paying our respects to three women who are true female pioneers in music. Thanks to their talent, independence, originality, and spirit music has forever changed.









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