London-based multi-instrumentalist Turan's debut "Departed" is a best new track for sure, and one hell of a balancing act. Little if anything else is known about him, which is fine. If I could write a song this good I'd let it do the speaking for me as well.

Blending a series of genres together, while varying his flow more than most emcees do their entire career, Turan makes a bold opening statement with "Departed." The more I listen to this song, the more that man's proclamation that his music is "avant garde, passionate, and honest" seems more factual than egotistical. Sounding a little bit like Yeezus, Woodkid, and even Hans Zimmerman, whom Turan has called a huge influence, "Departed" is all things to all people. As the lead single off Turan's forthcoming debut, Persistence of Memory EP, this track is sure to gain him a cult following, if not more. Can't wait to hear what else this kid has up his sleeve. For now I'll just listen to this on repeat.



Persistence of Memory EP is out August 18th, thanks to TRIBE Records. Pre-orders are being taken now.

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