In a culture of abundance, hyper-individualization, and proliferation of subcultures within subcultures, shared experiences are one of the few scarcities of this age. Our society seems uniquely created to tell John Donne to ‘get fucked’ and prove that all men are, in fact, islands.

And yet, here we are.

For the first time in forever, we are all (hopefully) doing the exact same thing at the exact same time: sheltering in place.*

[* The exception to this is essential workers, the bulk of whom are not paid or treated like they are crucial in making sure society doesn’t collapse, but that’s a subject for another day.]

In these times of great uncertainty, we are all looking for answers. Someone to stand up and speak to and for us. 

Enter Tyga and Curtis Roach with “Bored In The House”, the anthem we never wanted but need now more than ever.

This is tragically the most relatable song of all time. At least it whips ass.

What started as a viral Tik Tok meme has evolved into a minimalistic banger.

The only instrumentation in the song is a thumping bass, finger snaps, and deep breaths. It is on this spare tapestry that Tyga and Curtis go to work. Both artists adopt an air of nonchalance, a sort of half-heartened indifference we all identify as boredom.

Normally an artist firmly entrenched in his second decade in the game, accented by the tabloid fame of dating Kylie Jenner, would have little in common with an unsigned, 20-year-old rapper from Detroit.

But COVID-19 has brought us all to the exact same fucking place.

Tl;dr: Things are not great right now but this song is. 



This track is a great reminder that we can still have fun and connect with each other even during these fucked up times.

Take joy where you can find it, even if it means you play “Bored In The House” on repeat till you’ve memorized Tyga and Curtis Roach’s parts.

Stay safe and stay indoors. 


Calvin Paradise is not any one thing. The half-hearted vagabond and forgetful luddite currently resides in Los Angeles and how he spends his time is none of your damned business.