Tyler the Creator, No-Tyler the Pro Wrestler


Expectations can be a hell of a thing. Established artists can often succumb to the weight of the world and put out work that is flaccid and uninspired, a shallow shell that tries to augment what they believe people like about them (See Khalifa, Wiz http://barsandpickups.com/2012/12/05/5-thoughts-on-wiz-khalifas-o-n-i-f-c). Tyler, The Creator is not one of those artists.

The Odd Future star has released the latest best music video of his forthcoming album "Wolf". The track, "Domo 23", is vintage Tyler in that it's weird, offensive, and wholly disinterested in how it's perceived. But it's not redundant so much as it is a continuation of what makes Tyler, the Creator so damn fascinating.
Watch "Dome 23" here:
Listen to "Domo 23" here (though I don't know why you would if you just watched the video but hey..."like" that shit on your Soundcloud!) 
"Domo 23" is the first single off "Wolf", Tyler, the Creator's 3rd studio album due out April 2nd via Odd Future/XL Recordings.
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