LA pop songwriting duo Coach & Ref deliver a bright, bold, impossibly fun music video for their most recent single, "iNFiNiTY"!

We Are: The Guard are in love with Coach & Ref. The songwriting duo of Bleu and Ryan Perez-Daple represent all that is good and right with indie pop - the catchiness, immediacy, and good vibes of Pop Music with the adventurous individuality of indie. Coach & Ref are the perfect blend of both, injecting their pop pedigree with the energy and personability of indie music, club-riddled indie dance in the case of "Infinity." Pop pedigree they have in spades, Coach & Ref have written for some of the biggest names in Pop Music, from Demi Lovato to Selena Gomez  to We Are: The Guard favorites like Jesse St. John and Lola Blanc. With the new video for "iNFiNiTY," Coach & Ref have a good chance of joining the pop royalty they've previously written for.



Upon its initial release a few weeks ago, we initially commented on "iNFiNiTY," Coach & Ref are going to have two fingers firmly planted on what makes pop music tick in 2020.

"iNFiNiTY" is a chance to hear those instincts on display, in all of their neon, fizzy-lifting glory. Musically, it bears some similarity with Pharrell Williams' "Happy." Unlike "Happy," however, "iNFiNiTY" isn't glaringly obnoxious, nor does it exist simply to sling a half-million DLs."

The new video for "iNFiNiTY" transplants the single's bouncy playground energy to a tennis court, peopled with the most eccentric cheerleaders you ever did see. It's a good visual metaphor for "iNFiNiTY"'s chantalong chorus, "I-n-f-i-N-I-T-Y," fun and bouncy as a sugar rush in a bounce house. It's enough to make 2000s-era indie rock like The Go Team or The Polyphonic Spree sound downright dour in comparison.

The video for "iNFiNiTY" couldn't come at a better time. The world continues to burn outside our windows, while springtime begins to blossom in earnest. It's the perfect time for some fun, escapist pop. Coach & Ref have got you!


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