Todays Candy : Icona Pop - Nights Like This


Okay, so, we are dedicating a lot of pixels to Icona Pop these past few weeks, but screw it, we adore this synth-pop Swede duo too much to care for such bandwidth favouritism...

The band have just dropped the new flick for 'Nights Like This,' taken from their EP of the same name (which you can preview on BitCandy, here).

The video sees Aino and Caroline (who we finally get to see minus glow-in-the-dark face paint) cruise along GaGa/Beyonce Pussy Wagon stylee, pre-intriguing spaghetti western/quesadilla-nom-nom break down midway (just watch, you'll see).  Still, all makes sense once Icona Pop reveal themselves to be twisted cowboy-kidnappers. Gnarly!