We know that truly adventurous music fans aren’t going to be satisfied with what’s in their own backyard. I mean, you could live in Los Angeles with the Hollywood Bowl, Greek Theatre, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Fonda, Wiltern, and numerous underground warehouse rave locations (like the one through the Mexican grocery store I went to once), and still be left unsatisfied with your options. 

So why not itch that travel bug? See the world, travel, adventure, experience things through a new lens. These are some of the essentials for the adventurous spirit. So go ahead and book that plane ticket you’ve buying dying to click on: because we’ve compiled a list of the wildest places in the world to see a concert.

Book the ticket, Take the Ride.



The Gorge Amphitheatre in George, WA is without a doubt one of the most breathtaking views in music venue history. Situated between Seattle and Spokane, The Gorge overlooks the Columbia River and Cascade Ridge Mountains. Any seat in this 27,500 person venue is a good one. Particularly because of the views behind the acts playing on stage. Like who even cares who is on stage with looks like that. Even Dave Matthews knows it with his Annual “Labor Dave” three night run, which is a can't miss for Daveheads. The Gorge is home to both Sasquatch! And Paradiso Music Festivals, as well as numerous artists making it a must-hit priority on their touring schedule. This is the only venue on our list you’re able to camp at, so make sure to pack a tent for this music venue adventure. The video we’ve selected is from Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy #250, the legendary trance duo’s landmark event back in September 2017.



Red Rocks / The Gorge.  Red Rocks / The Gorge.

These two semi natural amphitheaters are always neck in neck in the race for what’s the more beautiful concert venue. Maybe it depends on where you live. Pacific-Northwesters are going to say the Gorge, but those in the middle of the country might be more likely to side with Red Rocks. That’s going to make it so all of us who have to travel to these locations will be the final call. Having been to Red Rocks myself, I’m going to have to side with the Morrison, CO rock structure turned concert venue.

The red rocks (named that way because they are in fact red), overhang the seating area, lit up perfectly by the venue’s immaculate attention to detail. This venue feels prehistoric, like being a cave-man watching an act like Odesza play. Can you imagine how frightened they’d be? Being centrally located, this one’s easy to get to. It’s certainly one of the most impressive music venues in America, but it’s also right in the middle of the country.

Flights to Denver aren’t expensive for pretty much everywhere, and for the whole summer Red Rocks is stacked with talent. You basically don’t have an excuse.



The Acropolis is old. Like ancient. While Red Rocks and The Gorge have been around since the dawn of time, they weren’t co-opted by man until some point in the 20th century. The Acropolis in Athens, Greece harkens back to the BC ages. BEFORE CONCERTS.

Seriously, this venue is as historical as it gets. 

While its been destroyed and rebuilt significantly there are pieces of the architecture that remain from a time before any of us can even imagine being alive. The Acropolis doesn’t have as stacked a calendar as many of the other selections on this list of greatest music venues in the world, but seeing something here would be seriously special.

The 1994 concert film: Yanni: Live at the Acropolis seems as good a place as any to start. Watch this one with your grandma and take in the serenity of such a historical location. Who knows if any of us will ever get a shot at seeing a concert here, but we can sure dream. 



In 79 AD Pompeii was abandoned due to some serious Volcanic activity. The city was covered in lava and many people died where they stood. To this day, the city has been kept intact as a historical landmark of the awe-inspiring destructive capabilities of nature.

Approximately one thousand years after it’s destruction, the trippiest band of the seventies, Pink Floyd, thought it would be the perfect venue for their concert film. And it was.

 Pink Floyd’s live concert from Pompeii is haunting, with the abandoned Roman Amphitheatre as the perfect compliment to the band’s psychedelic stylings.  Like Acropolis, this one might be hard to get tickets to. Events here aren’t just going to pop-up on Ticketmaster. But, David Gilmour did return in 2017 to perform another concert.

Imagine a concert in an abandoned city? Now that’s as wild as it gets.



Eldborg, the main room in Reykjavík, Iceland might just be the single most beautiful place in the world to see a concert.


The venue boasts a glass ceiling and its Iceland…so from September through March concert-goers are able to experience the Northern Lights while music plays in front of them. 

While the venue mostly caters to the classical and world music crowds, Americans will get their first major taste in March 2020 with Umphrey McGee’s Röckjavik run, hopefully paving the way for more acts to follow in their footsteps. Soon, travel crazy music lovers will be talking about Harpa like it’s the most essential destination for live music.  And maybe it will be. Those who’ve spent the past five years hopping between The Gorge and Red Rocks will have to go International to try something new.



In Santa Fe, there is an art museum like no other. It is the wildest, trippiest art museum that has ever existed. Plus it tells a damn good story to boot.

Based out of an abandoned bowling eye, with initial funding by Mr. Game of Thrones himself, George R.R. Martin, the art team behind Meow Wolf crafted something really quite special. Hell, its so special, I’d recommend going there even on a night there ISN’T a concert.

In this art gallery/museum/sci-fi trip out there is a small music venue.  Acts like Justin Martin, Nicolas Jaar, and Better Oblivion Community Center have all played in the past couple of years, with many acts returning over and over again because of how much they love the experience.  Meow Wolf might by the venue on this list of most interesting places to see a concert that would appeal most to We Are: The Guardians because we know are readers are into way more niche music than some of the biggest music venues in the world will cater to. This is certainly a weird place to see weird music, and we are desperate to check out a show here.



Cruise ships might seem sort of played out in 2019. We live in a world we’ve got almost as many music festivals on land as we do at sea. That is, unless you’re hip and cool enough to get into the after hours rooms where the real magic seems to be happening.

Sometimes bigger doesn’t mean better, and for those music fans looking for exclusivity, there’s almost nothing more special than a secret surprise hotel room set.

 How do you get in?

I don’t know!

That’s up to you to figure out! Imagine seeing Boys Noize B2B Busy P B2b 2 Many DJs in a HOTEL ROOM? This is a once in a lifetime experience.

I guess what we’re saying is...try something new, and you might get be part of something you’ve never imagined. Go into a room you’ve never been before. Get on a plane to Colorado or Oregon or New Mexico or Italy, Iceland, Greece. Taking leaps is how you get put into pretty rad situations. Why not see a concert while you’re at it. 

[Image Labelled for reuse from Wikimedia]


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