We Are The Guard Investigates: Who Bit Beyonce


Whatever happens around the presence of your highness queen Beyonce stays in her presence, unless of course you break free from her spell and tear a page off of Mike Tyson’s book and go full on cray cray. According to Tiffany Haddish, some bold daring A or B List celeb (speculation) who obviously doesn't value her life straight up sunk her pearly chompers onto Beyonce’s face during a party. Usually news of woman bites woman doesn’t make it past page six, but this is Baaaayyyyyoonnnccceee we talkin about! But no word on who did this. Why? Why would Beyonce and Jay-Z want to keep this on the DL? Where were the cameras? Where’s that backstabbing friend who can’t keep a secret when you need them? Since there’s all sorts of shadiness going on and more questions than there are answers we turn to the people on Twitter to help us get to the bottom of the most important who done it of our time. Who Bit Beyonce?

Here are the basics, take notes ...

It’s kind of too early to jump to conclusions but Twitter seems to have a pretty good idea on who it might be:

Who ever the culprit is, they better take cover and lay low for a while because the Beyhive is out to get them.

All this investigating is leading us nowhere. The real question here is … who the heck is Becky with the good hair? If we can answer that, then and only then will we know who bit Beyonce. All in due time.

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