What Does Mailing It In Sound Like?


As some of you might remember, my first piece for this fine website was about Mac Miller (btw, why do you remember that?). So it would follow that'd I'd be pretty psyched when our Latest Music Tracks is the first single from his and Pharrell's collab, Pink Slime. In theory you'd be correct, but unfortunately all enthusiasm I had for this project, and life and general, quickly vanished when I heard "Onaroll." Listen for yourself below:


If you liked this song you should probably stop reading now, since what I'm about to say will likely upset you.

Ok, now that we got rid of those weirdos, let me just say that this song sucks. It's uninspired, lazy, and sounds like a couple stoners trying to rap along to the bridge/outro part of "N****s in Paris". The fact that either party involved thought this should be the first track we hear off their EP, no word yet on the release date for this gem, is enough to give anyone pause. I mean, if you're going to mail it in this drastically, shouldn't you just hire someone else to write all your shit for you?

Miller needs to learn to stay in his lane and just write pithy little tracks like "Knock Knock" and "Donald Trump."

Or he should just hang it up all together.

I'm sure he has enough money by now to smoke all the weed and bang all the shallow bitches he wants. The least he could do is at least try on the music he does put out. 'Cause judging by the lyrical content of this track and the oh so topical EP title of "Pink Slime," he doesn't seem to be doing much else.


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