Aries - This song is dope as hell, but it’s really just reminding you of that unfinished beat on your computer. While bbno$ certainly has a sick flow of his own, if you’re being honest, yours is probably the best in the game. Maybe it’s time to get that rap career up and running again--

Taurus - The beat is so soothing. Lentra brought such a calming energy to the bouncing bass drum that you’ve gone into utter catatonic relaxation mode. This is the kind of track you put on when chilling with friends, which you wish could be all the time.

Gemini - You’ve got the track loaded on your phone already, dropping the link in every group chat (and you’ve got plenty), heralding it as the song of the summer. Genius.com pulled up on your phone to memorize the lyrics and Ableton open trying to figure out this beat.

Cancer - You understand the lyrics fully. That it’s not about the flaws that these women have, but the own self-doubt that the artists must be suffering from. Sure, you’ve gotten angry about bad dates too, but at the end of the day you know it’s just because you’re a little too emotional.

Leo - Gonna do an acoustic cover of this one for your YouTube. That cover is going to get more plays than the original bbno$ and Lentra version. “Astrology” will become associated with your name, leaving the original songwriters in the dust. This rules, but wait til the word hears yours.

Virgo - It definitely bugs you that you can’t make bass sound that fat on your own, but you appreciate this song for its lyrical content. The chorus is more your steez, something memorable to bop your head along to. Not so much a fan of the non-bridge bridge. Too out there.



Libra - This is true artistic collaboration. bbno$ has got bars for days and Lentra truly crushed this beat. While these two definitely have solid tunes without each other, together they form this kind of balance that you just can’t get enough of. You hope they keep making music as one.

Scorpio - “Astrology” rules so much. This will quickly become your favorite song. Can’t wait for the day when bbno$ and Lentra drop another song. Separately or apart. What’s next?. Maybe they’ll go on tour once all of this quarantine is over with. Hoping they’ll play Coachella 2027.

Sagittarius - You’ve heard many songs in your life. Basically an encyclopedia of rap tracks and it definitely takes a lot to impress you. You have to admit this one has got it going on though. Really has a wonderful beat and interesting flow. Might have to give this one a second listen.

Capricorn - Save this one on your Spotify favs and come back to it. We know Capricorn’s can’t step away from their computer on a weekday. Give this one a weekend listen when you’re comfortable and relaxed. We’re sure you’ll dig it if you’re in the right headspace.

Aquarius - Honestly this song is disgusting. What is the message? It seems like just completely objectifying women and not respecting them as their own identities. We’ll hold onto astrological guidance and maybe save the world with it. You can continue failing to get laid.

Pisces - You’ve got the perfect girl in mind for bbno$. She’s not so much into astrology that he’ll be turned off, just enough to know their charts are aligned. It’s a friend though, and totally not you. Never for you. This song will do. Actually, time to make sure everyone becomes a stan of it.

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