Whipped Cream teams up with Baby Goth to create a low-key hip-hop/EDM anthem for Harley Quinn on "So Thick"!



Birds Of Prey is this winter's unlikely ode to girl power, in which Harley Quinn breaks loose from her unhealthy relationship with Joker and falls afoul of nearly every mob boss in Gotham, many of whom are also women. Not only is Birds Of Prey's storyline an important, wildcard anthem to female empowerment, the movie itself features an impressive range of talented women. Not only does it feature a killer, all-star cast of women. It was also written and directed by ladies, and the soundtrack is comprised of an all-female lineup. It's inspiring to see women getting so much representation in an often male-dominated industry.

We don't watch movies or listen to music for its politics alone, though. They've got to be good. Ditto that for soundtrack music. Not only does it have to serve the story, it has to stand alone as a good song. Otherwise, it's just so much background noise, only connecting with uber-fans of the film.

"So Thick" is very much that, featuring a match made in heaven between producer Whipped Cream and Texas rapper Baby Goth. It gives both a chance to express their strengths and stretch their skills, all at the same time.

"So Thick" is a theme song for self-made women, who don't need no man to make their name. "Diamonds on my wrist, belts, diamonds on my chains/If you're gonna play with me, you better know who run the game."

It's got the same baller mentality and self-confidence as you hear from guy rappers, boastful and dripping with bling. It's more subtle and more clever than a lot of today's SoundCloud rappers, full of underground references like early Wu Tang or MF Doom. Instead of old school rap and kung fu movies, "So Thick" is full of geek references, introducing a different range of listeners to the joy of rap.

EDM heads will be lured in, as well. Instead of your usual 4-bar breaks or boom bap beats, Whipped Cream's production blends trap and a lo-fi synth lick, like an ice cream truck through a heat haze. It's cute and tough, like Harley Quinn herself.

Whipped Cream keeps getting bigger and bigger, better and better. We Are: The Guard can't wait to hear what she gets into next! 


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