NASA Helps Will.I.Am Leave Our Planet


The broadcast of's song "Reach for the Stars" on Mars is just the beginning.  Yes, if you haven't heard...Will.I.Am's new throwaway song "Reach for the Stars" will be premiered on Mars.  Qualifying it for official space junk.  



NASA has secretly been planning this for a while with the Black Eyed Peas star.  But it's not what you think.  The conspiracy theory is that by near unanimous vote of people who don't listen to silly pop radio stations...we want Will.I.Am off the planet.  The next step after this Mars broadcast is to coerce the Black Eyed Peas star to be the first man on Mars.  He can perform his song there live there too...but as you know, it's a one way trip.

 Fine with us!



Hear the song that also hurts aliens' ears right now:




Yes, this really is the 1st song that is going to be broadcast on another planet.  


Silly humans. 


If aliens come to blow up earth ... I totally am going to blame Will.I.Am.