There have been rumors that Will Smith has the best Instagram ever, but I didn’t believe it until the most famous prince to come out of Bel-Air took to his channel earlier this week to congratulate his son Jaden Smith on his accomplishment of hitting 100 million streams on Spotify for his album Syre. Will’s post pretty much sealed the deal for us and he is forever officially the most coolest dad to exist with the most entertaining social media channel.

Any other dad (mine) would at most slap a magnet on a certificate of achievement and place it next to a turkey drawing on the fridge, but  this is Will Smith we’re talking about, so he did what he does best and went all out by recreating Jaden’s “Icon” video. They say imitation is the biggest form of flattery, but the clip is more than that … it’s iconic.

Here we have the Will looking like he’s calling AAA because his car took a dump.

Wearing socks with sandals screams you’re hardcore … yea, you are Will.

Setting the trend for the next dance craze. Swat, swat, swat.

Thank you Will Smith … you srsly couldn’t of gotten any cooler, but you did.

Images: https://www.instagram.com/p/Be4URBIHmh4/?hl=en and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmc8q2dcIMs

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