Will I Am & WolfGang Gartner Get Spermy


As one of my favorite blogs PopJustice.com so eloquently pointed out. "Will.I.Am is permitted to make or be involved with no more (but also no fewer) than five above average songs in any 12 month period."

This isn't one of them...but no matter, Will.I.Am still knows how to rape and plunder the coolest and best of the underground like no one. 

And finally...at last (and title of this post), Will.I.Am gets his sperm face on ... but hopefully somewhere out there is the 100% effect Will.I.Am contraceptive.  

Just kidding ... we like it.  Coming out October 9th on Ministry of Sound.  

Good thing they put out the video a whole 2 months in advance so you can download the single for free somewhere.  WTF.  Whatever.