EDM Jumps Shark w/Paris Hilton DJ Set


EDM came close to jumping the shark back when old Madge dropped her crude drug reference pre-Avicii at Ultra Music Festival in March. But the swift backlash from the likes of Deadmau5 and Paul van Dyke meant the genre's reputation was just about rescued from MSNTRM obliteration.

Yet it seems EDM truly did a Fonz this weekend at Pop Music Festival in Brazil, when heiress, socialite and full time ballbag, Paris Hilton, played the most humiliating DJ set in history.

And what we really mean by “DJ set” is Hilton dancing awkwardly in crystal headphones (custom Beats by Dre?) to sub-standard party bangers, and all before a huge LCD screen self-indulgently splashed with her own mug. Face palm...


And when Hilton did attempt to “DJ,” she fucked up pitches, volumes, and here, accidentally played Rihanna's “We Found Love” at the same time as her own track, “Last Night,” leading to an inadvertent mash up that may just make you want to slice both your ears off.


Game over, EDM, game over...

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