Father J Misty responds to YouTube comments!


Music videos on YouTube...They truly are the cum stain on the sheet of the artistic experience.  Comments on music videos on YouTube...They truly are the equivalent of pissing in the wind.  Unless...

Face facts, bro. Your ridiculous complaints/sexual advances/plain annoying fanboyings are not going to be read by the artist any time soon.

Unless you commented on the music video for Father John Misty's “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings,” that is:

Father John Misty - better know to his mother as Josh Tillman, better known to the average indie ignoramus as the “dude that used to drum for Fleet Foxes” - has taken time out from his mushroom-swallowing precarious lifestyle to respond to the YouTube comments left on his video by his fans, and in some cases, his haters.

Just some of the topics touched on in this (insanely hilarious) video: genital warts, hate fucking and kissing Jeff (that's Misty's bassist, to you). Enjoy...:


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