WTF-Fever Ray Takes Da Pissez Out On Gaga


In anticipation of the new The Knife album (YES!!!) This WTF video below sets a new standard of awesomeness. To this day it is the best acceptance speech in the history of acceptance speeches ever! It took a Swede to take the piss out of Gaga. Everything from the gown to the makeup. No one has/will ever do it better than The Knife’s / Fever Ray. Sorry, Lady Gaga, but you’ve been pwned. Lady Gaga who?

It’s one of the most deepest and sincerest speeches known to this day, short and to the point. I’m not exactly sure of what she’s saying, but it made me cry.

If you find yourself completely head over heels for the lady in red then you’ll be psyched to know the the brother-sister duo is back with a single off the album, "Full of Fire” which you can check out here.