We may not be able to tell you what or who you did over your drunken weekend, but you can count on us to tell you what your favorite has-beens and spotlight whores of the music scene have been up to in our latest YouTube series, WTF Happened in Music (or “Wayne Herwardilly”as John Travolta would call it). So if you haven’t yet done so, subscribe to our YouTube channel because we wouldn’t want to have you feel like you have nothing to say at the watercooler.

Hold on tight to your ears and brace your souls, you’re about to dive into the must know news. Take it away, Kurt Kroeber.

Thanks for tuning in. Kurt will be back with a fresh load of news next week. Oh, and if you’re enjoying the series as much as we are, show your support by spreading the news about it to your friends and stuff. See ya.

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