We interrupt your regular schedule or whatever it is you youths do throughout the day to bring you the latest indie music in our  series: WTF Happened In Music with Kurt Krober. Thanks to us, you’ll never be caught with a blank stare in your eyes stuttering nervously because you can’t think of anything to contribute to a conversation.

In this week’s edition, Kurt covers the latest breaking news surrounding Santigold, The Smashing Pumpkins lead singer Billy Crogan, The Unicorns, Trippy Turtle and other things you probably didn’t have a chance to read up on.  We guarantee it’s the ONLY  2 minute news worthy of your time.

So if anyone asked you what the highlight of your week was you can now share with them about all the good Santigold is doing for third world countries, or whatever else caught your attention. Kurt will be back next week with more stories for you. Until then, subscribe to our YouTube channel and never ever miss a thang regarding music.

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