Understanding other cultures as an outsider is a nearly impossible task. Even with immersion understanding is still never fully obtained, since culture is as much an intrinsic quality as an extrinsic one.

But some things are not to be understood. Some men (and LADYBABIES) just want to watch the world… Whatever the fvck this is:



I’ll give you a few moments to recover. You can watch it again if you must, but it’s not gonna make any more sense.

It’s possible that there’s something here lost in translation. Like, an awful lot. I suppose it’s trying to be funny, yet I have no clue what the joke is supposed to be. Am I suppose to laugh because the dude is dressed in drag? Do I laugh because of the juxtaposition of his white masculinity versus the petite Japanese girls? Is this dude a part of LadyBaby, or is he just featured in this song? Is this J Pop or J Metal? Am I only angry about this because I really wanted to like a band called LADYBABY and this was just offensive to every one of my senses?

I have questions that lead to more questions.

All in all I can’t tell if this is the funniest or most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen. What I do know is that I’m going to have a very difficult time sleeping tonight after watching it. Way too much selfie stick.

There are some things you can’t un-see.


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Calvin Paradise manages to live a productive life despite a childhood of home schooling and suffering from what some doctors have called the worst case of Groucho Marx's Syndrome in recorded history.