Rap Community Decides to Officially Retire Skrrrrt


The tire screech of a quick getaway, a record scratch to pause the music, snorting a line of cocaine-- whatever you want the sound effect to represent, it can and it does. Skrrrt is the catch-all phrase for young rappers who don’t have any clue what to say in their song and simply want to add a sound effect to make them seem tough, hip, funny, with the times, or just straight-up not lame. While skrrt skrrt, skrrrrrrt, or skkeeerrrrt might have once had legitimacy in hip-hop culture, it has lost all meaning and has largely become the verbal tic of the uninspired. Now using it has the opposite intended effect as it did three to four years ago. If you skrrt on a track, you’re basically announcing you’re severe lameness.

Once 12 year old rapper MC Skrrrrt came on the scene in early 2018 with his hit single “Gucci Skrrrt,” many young hip-hop superstars started to distance themselves from the phrase. The lyrics are printed below exactly how they appear in the track:

Skrrrt to the Gucci // Gucci Gucci Gucci Skrrrt
I’m a skrrrt boy // I’m a bad skrrrt boy
Gonna get the Gucci // But first I gotta skrrrt
Skrrrt to the Gucci // Gucci Gucci Gucci Skrrrt
I’m a skrrrt boy // I’m a bad skrrrt boy
Gonna get the Gucci // But first I gotta skrrrt

“It just got so played out,” says Yung Thesaurus. “So overdone. The other guys in RespeK KRew and I just can’t respect anybody who uses such a cliche and tired trope in their music. And our entire crew is built around the concept of respect, we respect everybody. That’s like our thing.”

Yung Thesaurus isn’t the only one saying ‘no’ to the phrase going forward. During the research of this piece, I received an exclusive invitation to the Slack chat with every famous rapper you’ve ever heard of. Ever. It’s like a who’s who of who dat. The consensus amongst many rappers who wanted to remain anonymous was that skrrrrt was done, over, finito. Many had moved on to Whoop, SHAKE and BAKE and even VRRRRT.

Sure, there are always some hangers on. The worst offender being MC Skrrrrt who’s “Skrrrt 2020” album is slated to be released later sometime in early 2019. Many in the hip-hop community are calling for a ban of the record that includes songs “Short Skrrrt and a Long Jacket,” “Skrrrt Goes to Jeep,” and “Skrrrrt King Cocaine.” They are standing up in solidarity that this cannot stand any longer.

If hip-hop were basketball and spitting rhyme had a home court, this reporter thinks the Skrrrt Jersey, number 00 of course, would get hung up in the rafters right alongside “Hammer Pants” and a Donald Trump supporting Kanye.

Also it rhymes with my name and i’m sick of it!

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