WTF Classic: Destiny's Child Stage Fall


Much like Harry Shearer who has (no kidding) a satellite array pulling the most crazy videos out of live studio sattelite feeds that no one's supposed to see or hear (think Presdential or newscaster shenanigans before things go live)....I live for vids like this classic Destiny's Child video fail:  

This was before the Destiny's Child break and Beyonce solo albums. I swear there's a whole psychological study (preferably in slow motion) on how Kelly Rowland (center) and Beyonce (right) react to Michelle taking a total face plant.  

Here's what's going on in Kelly's mind: "Bitch!...oh no you didn't!! Whatever with you, girlfriend" 

Here's what's going on in Beyonce's mind: "Excelllennnntt. 1 down, only 1 more to go."