WTF: Star Wars Trumpet Beauty Pageant Fail


There seems to be some renewed interest in Star Wars recently expecially in the electro world.  In particular the track "Binary Suns ICoyote Kisses Remix).

John Williams (Star Wars) - Binary Suns (Coyote Kisses Remix)

Hmm...but have you ever seen this classic YouTube footage.  Wanna be a beauty pageant...gotta have a talent.  And why are all the beauty pageant contestents I know named Stacy...but there's only one that can play awesome "Star Wars" trumpet solos.

Enter Stacy Hedger.  Obviously this is from the late 70s when the theme song to "Star Wars" (disco version!!! i think produced by a young Ron Fair if i'm not mistaken) was so very hot on the charts.

And oh does this performance get hot.  I think a full course study is needed here from the ALWAYS WRONG notes Stacy so victorious plays to the nifty "surpised hiding look" she acts out in the breaks to the very very weird Cantina dance.

Witness...thy power of thee trumpet.  Stacy Hedger...YOU are a REAL American hero.