Wyld & Free seem to be juggling more in one studio session than most acts will ever touch in their entire careers. This song (released on our very own label) is pure golden electro, banging out of speakers like a rager raring to go. For all intents and purposes, it’s a party starter. Put this one on and people will start dancing like they do in the movies, suddenly and without care and/or abandon. “Done It Like This'' doesn’t stop there though, carrying with it a major undercurrent of punk/indie vibes. Some infectious guitar riffs and garage-rock ready vocals so even the most jaded of listeners will have to nod their head and tap their feet along with this funky beat. All of that aside (and who could ask for more?), this track is straight-up laced with the sensibilities of a radio-friendly pop super smash. Lethal combo of the genreless party if you ask me.

“Done It Like This,” the lead single from Wyld & Free (Johnny C. and Bleu) is, as they say, the whole package. Not since Danger Mouse’s prime, producing new genre-splices out of what seemed like thin air, has a producer been able to shape every aspect I love about music into something so complete and unique in its own right. Fun is infectious, and these two seem to have it oozing out of every crevice of their musical sensibilities. This might just be the start of something beautiful.



Fast Forward six months and this song will have at least fourteen remixes (more if you count YouTube bootlegs) and will have been prominently featured in two television commercials and one movie trailer. Get your plays in now before the ubiquitousness takes over. Get those plays in, people. Permission to dance around the apartment despite what your musical taste normally is. Do it again one more time. Give in to the power of living life wild and free with Wyld & Free. Praise these boys for their ability to transcend genre and beg for single #2 to come out sooner rather than later.  All in due time our patient people. For now, we have this gem to enjoy.

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