After seven years of travelling the world and mixing industrial with hip-hop, Zebra Katz has entered uncharted territory with his new self-produced, self released album “LESS IS MOOR.” Ojay Morgan (Zebra Katz) studied Shakespeare at The New School’s Eugene Lang College in New York. It was there that he was told he, as a black person, would only be cast as the moors in Shakespeare’s plays (Quick history lesson side bar: The moors were the muslim people who lived in North Africa during the Middle Ages. Okay, back to Zebra Katz). This type casting sparked Morgan to create his senior thesis in response. Morgan wrote and performed a one man show called “Moor Contradictions,” and Zebra Katz was a character in it.

Citing influences of Little Richard, Grace Jones, James Baldwin, and Nina Simone, he explained in an interview with Paper Magazine two quotes that epitomize the creation of “LESS IS MOOR.” The first is from Nina Simone: "An artist's duty is to reflect the time we live in." The second is from James Baldwin: "To be a negro in this country is to constantly be in rage." Morgan explains that he is “somewhat dancing with that rage” on the album. After touring with Gorillaz, seeing their team in action, and moving to Berlin, Morgan felt ready to reflect and create “LESS IS MOOR.”



On “MOOR,” Morgan is abrasive, powerful, and sexual. Co-produced with Sega Bodega, “MOOR” is dark, but danceable. We hear a combination of underground genres. Starting with his producer tag “Zebra fucking Katz,” the lyrics to “MOOR” are authoritative, provoking, and sometimes funny. The music video features stunning visuals by a pool, fashion, and Morgan’s stellar acting abilities. After seven years of touring and working with other artists, we at We Are: The Guard couldn’t be more excited about the return of Zebra Katz.


Arielle Tindel is a Berklee College of Music student from Cleveland, OH. She will graduate in December with degrees in Music Business Marketing and Songwriting. In her free time, Arielle can be found gardening or playing bass.