In November of last year, we brought you 11 up and coming Queer pop artists that you needed to know about. But a lot has happened since then and a lot has changed. Taylor Swift went all gay at the opening of June with her single “You Need To Calm Down,” Lady Gaga continues her advocacy in Harlem by wishing that Pride month was a year-round thing, and corporate America shows how desperate they are to fit in by farting out rainbows and glitter.

The thing about being Queer, gay, trans, lesbian, bisexual, etc. is that you either are or aren’t … there is no faking it. You live it, you breathe it, and in the case of today’s post, you sing it. So before the world wraps up Pride month, here are the hottest up and coming artists whose music we’ll be supporting well beyond the month of June. 


Los Angeles firecracker and Indie songstress BAUM makes it know that women can be fuckboys too in her single “Fuckboy” and by the sounds of it she is doing it better than most of the men out there. “You ain't even talking / You ain't even loving / I already bought these things we do,” she sings, “You ain't even listen / You don't want the real shit / But it's cool cuz I'm a fuckboy too.” We’re super excited to be supporting BAUM via our label and can’t wait for her EP Curve to come out this fall.


Rina Sawayama makes the pop world a bit brighter as she fights her way in.  The Japanese/British artist makes her insecurities known throughout her music and rather than having listeners turn away, her anxieties make her even more loveable than she knows. You can catch more of Rina off the stage and on Netflix comedy Turn Up Charlie.


Three piece girl group Muna is basically the queer pop trifecta of music Their overall presence has made them a favorite of ours because in everything they release they show that they are practicing what they preach. Their self-love and positivity remind us that we not only have to be kind to each other but be kind to ourselves too. Life around us is too negative to be caught up in the hate so join them on tour as they spread loving vibes this fall.


Being gay was not as accepting 20 years ago as it is today, and it shows in Maddie Ross’ music. The topic was just not talked about, back in the 90s / early 2000’s gay people had no one to relate to that wasn’t being judged harshly. In an interview with Teen Vogue, the artist stated that her album  Never Have I Ever is the Queer Teen Rom-Com Soundtrack.


With GIRLI, what you see is pretty much what you get. She’s fierce, badass, and pretty much doesn’t give a care in the world as to how she is seen or perceived … she is she … unapologetic, a trailblazer with a mission to rock your world. Oh and she’s also pretty entertaining to follow on Twitter.


Los Angeles artist Tolliver’s music captivates fans with sounds that embrace inner desires and pushes them to manifest into bumpin’ and grinding. The intoxicating single “Too Much” is one of the most hypnotic sounds of the year and yet he’s massively underrated. If you think Sam Smith gives you chills, do you and me a favor and give Tolliver a spin. You’ll love what you hear.


You should never judge an artist by their looks as we’ve learned not to because you’ll probably miss out on gems like Miya Folick. Miya shockingly has one of the most unique and memorable voices just listen to any one of her songs. She carries similar tones to that of Bjork, with her vocals being luscious and refreshingly raw. She’s also one to keep her life on the DL, but we thank her for sharing that she and pop singer K Flay are a couple. We couldn't be happier for these two.


Ok, so Peaches obviously isn’t an up and coming artist, but this icon did help pave the way for those mentioned and not mentioned on today’s list. Heck, she’s even inspired acts like Lady Gaga, Kesha, Miley Cyrus, but no one can nor ever will outdo this gay legend.

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