New Artists: Benjamin Francis Leftwich


The word “singer-songwriter” is thrown around a lot these days by new-age artists, who also prefer to be called avant garde artists now, especially acoustic solo acts. On this glorious day, we bring to your attention the criminally underrated Lord of Acoustica, Mr. Benjamin Francis Leftwich.

But before we commence our journey to explore this Acoustic Atlantis, let us take into account the actions of pseudo-artists who do NOT constitute an acoustic singer-songwriter:

- Cooing like a James Blunt cunt or whimpering like a John Mayer nightmare

- Rhyming “heart” with “apart” and using the word “love” equal to or more than 12 times in a song

- Wonderwall is your go-to cover song for getting laid

let me play wonderwall again

To be honest, breaking into the folk acoustic scene at this point and expecting success is as good as being Lil’ Wayne and covering an Adele song at an Irish pub. A couple of drunken blokes may laugh it up and enjoy it, but your asswhooping is inevitable.

So what makes Benjamin Francis Leftwich an extraordinary gentleman in a class of new-age acoustic Beethovens and Mozarts? Well, let’s just say that his music would make the quintessential soundtrack for every adventurous backpacker and fans of Mother Nature-friendly road trips.

song about a guy i ate

Visual inspiration isn’t really a challenge for this London-based artist either since he lives the adventures himself by being on the road through the gorgeous countryside. Benjamin Francis Leftwich’s wispy and dreamy vocals teleport you to sunkissed fields of barley and crystal waters of serenity flowing beside you.

Songs like "Atlas Hands," "Pictures," and "Stole You Away" delve further into the themes of wanderlust and paint pleasant dreamy soundscapes that will make you smile throughout.

"Butterfly Culture" is another brilliant little acoustic piece that shifts between religious motivations and sexual tension with a subtle innocence.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich’s ultra-chill minimal production style of music stays true to the ancient Music Commandments in an effort to exorcise the demons of talentlessness possessing T-Pain’s clan of auto-tuned infidels.

Blissful whispering vocals, a wooden six-string and a passionate soul is the essence of this dreamy young lad’s talent. Benjamin's inspirations from Nick Drake, Elliott Smith, Ryan Adams and Arcade Fire shine clearly through his style and even his music as he has unleashed a few soul-stirring cover songs originally made by them. While his songwriting wizardry may not be on the level of artists like Ben Gibbard or Conor Oberst yet, Benjamin Francis Leftwich is swiftly on course to being the next folk acoustic sensation with a little development.