Really great pop songs seem to be a dime a dozen nowadays. But pop icons? Those only come when we’re really good boys and girls and beg the music gods of the underworld to bless us with a talent worth blogging about. What we have here with Swedish singer/songerwriter Clara Mae, is a little bit of both. She’s got the look and style and sound to break out all on her own and plenty of credits to prove we should even be blogging about her in the first place. Most of the time you’ll find me encouraging newer pop singers to get the featured vocalist role on an EDM track or three to figure themselves out, but Clara has BEEN THERE DONE THAT. With collaborations from Headhunterz, Conro and KREAM, what more do you need? HOW ABOUT being vetted as an official member of ACE OF FRIGGIN BASE, recruited in 2009 to replace Jenny Berggren. BRB lurking YouTube now to find live performances of Clara Mae (formerly Clara Hagman) singing “The Sign.”



spotify Clara Mae has got this pop thing dialed in. This is the up-tempo danceable insta-hit from a self-assured artist that’s got the right sound and more talent in her vocal cords... than most people have in their vocal cords. “I’m Not Her” is out now on Big Beat who’ve got monsters like Skrillex, Galantis, Cash Cash, Matoma and Chromeo on their roster. With backing like that and a song this good, Clara Mae is about to become the coveted Next Big Thing™.

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