Watch out Frank Ocean, Dijon coming for your steez. The world has a new visionary alternative R&B artist with stripped-bare mellow vibes that can rip your heart out and stomp all over it, without even breaking a sweat.

Who is Dijon? This LA-based soul singer seems to have come out of nowhere with more talent than everybody who’s ever been on America’s Got Talent combined into one uber-talented dreamboat of talent.

This is some raw brilliance. A certain kind of wake up and smell the coffee, cause if you don’t know about this dude now, you’ll be embarrassed to not know about him in a year from now. He’s got the kind of sheer remarkability, concreteness of vision, and established voice that very few artists are ever able to remotely touch upon. We’ve got a special one on our hands today. 



For when you’re hurt and chill simultaneously. Go ahead and scream at the top of your lungs about your problems, it won’t bother the neighbors, there’s enough restraint. Dijon is the perfect dichotomy between feeling your feels and not telling anyone about them ever. With his stripped-down beats and amazing songwriting, Dijon is here to help you work through your shit. This is the kind of music you listen to in your headphones and don’t share with your friends. It’s too personal. Too close to home.



Dijon ain’t no one trick pony, resting on his laurels with that voice of an angel of his. Nah, he’s the whole package, handling most of the production duties for both this one and “Nico’s Red Truck.” Here, Dijon tries his hands at guitar, drums and the mix itself. All of that alongside, of course, the single most important ‘emo’ voice since Bon Iver won the Grammy for Best New Artist. This dude is a straight crooner.  His voice sure can do special things, making you feel emotions that you didn’t even know you were capable of.  With tracks this amazing, he won’t be a stranger to the big time for much longer.



Yeah, you know Dijon is going places when one of the Kardashians posts his songs in their Instagram. I mean that family is the most significant tastemakers of our times. Turns out Kourtney is a major fan of “Violence ),” and hell, so are we. I mean how could you not be? You must have taste you’re here after all. There are more chilling emotions and deep soulful crooning on display here than anything I’ve heard in years. I’m *feeling* it. Plus, there’s a cool-ass dog featured heavily in the video that totally gives this one major thumbs emoji points. If Dijon really is the next Frank Ocean, we down for it. 

Follow him literally everywhere you can. New music from Dijon is probably going to crush your soul a little bit and you need appropriately notified. 


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