I remember the first time I heard the Shins. This was before Garden State because I was properly hip and not Tragically. It was 2001 (16 years ago!), watching Canadian music channel Much Music (doesn’t exist anymore), and the music video for “Know Your Onion” came on. I had my socks blown clean out of my sneakers, across the room and stuck to the television set. I have to wonder if today’s curator discovery Fletcher Gull was there too, watching from his Canadian television set, waiting sixteen years to play the songs written in his head on that day.

Fletcher Gull has the kind of staying power that very few folk/Indie Rock acts seem to have, and I say this with only two songs to his name (they’re that good)! I have a strong feeling that nearly two decades from now we’ll be talking about how much he’s influenced a whole new generation of baroque sunshine indie pop artists, with that memorable scene in a seminal indie film where one of the actors says his music “will change your life.” 



spotify Light Up is straight up the best indie folk song I’ve heard this decade. It’s sunny hopefulness and lush twee sound is the perfect soundtrack to fall rainstorms, drinking coffee and thinking about both the beauty and tragedy of life at the same time. Maybe now you’ll finally find the time to churn out that screenplay you’ve been wanting to write and use this song to soundtrack the trailer to the film. Quick, get started before you can’t afford him anymore.

This is only Fletcher Gull’s second song, premiering just a couple of weeks after triple J unearthed his first track, Deciduo. He’s currently playing open mics in Toronto. Follow him on Facebook for more info and get to one of those personal shows now before he’s absolutely everywhere.

And a big thank you to our #2 curator Curator duffster for turning us onto Fletcher Gull. Duffster is on a roll with an astonishing record of 164 artist discoveries! Daaaannng Duffster!!! For the rest of you, submit your music, submit your finds. We’re always listening.

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