I’m pissed off. Frank Gamble isn’t a real name. It’s just a fake name meant to confuse you into thinking it’s a real name. It’s actually a band name. In fact, a wonderful future sexy-bass R&B production and singer duo from London. Frank Gamble make killer tunes and I’m very pleased to bring them to your attention regardless of their Hootie & The Blowfish -like naming situation. I sincerely apologize to all parties involved in We Are: The Guard for making a Hootie & The Blowfish reference. Please enjoy this music and ignore my insolence.



With "J’adore," Frank Gamble drop their first single in eight months. They must have been hibernating for the winter writing killer tunes, getting ready for the spring, summer and fall where they are poised to rule them all. J’adore is a sexy future tune with dreamy vocals from YADi and a trippy muted feature from Abra Cadabra. These two voices go together really quite perfectly and I’d love to see them interweave on more tracks in the future.



It’s always interesting to hear a new single and then backtrack to the older songs. Though "Heart Speaks" absolutely stands on its own with its catchy hook and fun production, it isn’t quite to the level that J’adore is. These two have learned mucho about mastering, production and building out a full sound over this dark cold London winter. If they keep this level of progress up they’ll literally became the music overlords of the world by 2020. Cool with it.

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